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Anne Holden - Principal Trangie Central School

iKiFit Workshop

The first day of the year we invited Kim Macrae to present an iKiFit Workshop to all our staff. The Workshop comprised of ‘Power Positives – How we learn. The Value of Aspiration and Affirmation” and ‘Student Teacher Relationships and Class Checklist – A framework and flowchart for effective teaching’.

Our focus at Trangie Central School is to develop strong and respectful relationships and so build resilience in our students. We also intend that our staff feel supported and valued. We have a mixture of new and experienced teachers and we wanted to start the year with a positive discussion about relationships and how to develop these but also the idea of a checklist for effective teaching was very appealing to me.

The day exceeded all my expectations and I think it was the best staff development day that we ever had. The staff were totally engaged and gave very positive feedback at the end of the day. It was a great way to begin the year.

Justine Richards, Director - Regand Park Early Childhood Education Centre

“We have seen such a difference in the children’s autonomy since implementing the program. They are confident in expressing themselves and are implementing the rules themselves within their play to ensure a safe, respectful environment for all. The program has assisted our Educators in teaching children about empathy towards others and we have found the whole environment has become a lot more positive, accepting and respectful of human differences. The children also love the iKiFit component where they get to dance and sing along using their iKi Sticks. It has been such a powerful and positive experience for all and the children are proud of their Power Positive Names and keen to show off their moves!”

Anthony O’Leary -  Principal St John’s Primary School, Dubbo

I have had the privilege of being involved with the iKiFit program over a number of years. I have found the program to be of the highest quality. The program is unique in that it provides for high quality teacher professional development, amazing dance routines, fitness development and strategies to develop positive behaviour.  The students have been totally engaged with the high-energy music and iKiFit skills.
iKiFit has added to the quality of our school sport programme. iKiFit has provided instructors that are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. Their ability to communicate appropriately and manage our primary aged children has been excellent.

I would recommend the iKiFit program as the premier product that is holistic in its approach to overall fitness and wellness.

Dan Williams - Deputy Principal St Joseph’s Primary School, Walgett

The iKiFit program has been running in our school for almost 4 years.  Our school has adopted a whole-school approach to delivering the iKiFit program.  As the Year 6 teacher, I have also personally found great value in the iKiFit program on so many levels: 
  • Physical Health benefits. Obviously, the core fitness (dance) component of iKiFit delivers a high-energy, convenient and engaging way to involve students in cardiovascular movement.
  • Motivation & enthusiasm in class. My students consistently look forward to our iKiFit sessions, and are very disappointed on occasions that we miss or cancel our daily workout.
  • Leadership. The iKiCrew initiative has identified and encourage a wide variety of students to take on leadership roles – particularly indigenous students, and students who do not usually ‘fit the mould’ of traditional school leaders (for example, that of a School Captain or SRC Captain).
  • Self-esteem and confidence. I have found that iKiFit empowers students, and helps them to feel better about themselves and their abilities. Many students, who do not usually excel or apply themselves in class, often excel and apply themselves fully during iKiFit.
  • Goal setting. I have had numerous students – predominately indigenous – who have aspirations to become iKiFit instructors when they are older. They have really taken to the program and what it stands for.