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The Mission

Aims of Powerful Futures Incorporated, in association with iKiFit and Partners.

At Powerful Futures we believe that a keystone of healthy families and communities is access to quality, equitable, inclusive education. There is overwhelming evidence that education improves quality of life in all areas;- from individual physical and mental health, to overall community and national well-being.

Unfortunately, there are challenges to this, particularly in regional communities, which, due to isolation, drought and mechanisation face shortages of skilled leaders and teachers. The result is that these communities have limited capacity to provide a wide variety of educational, cultural and sporting experiences.

Powerful Futures helps address these issues with the use of the *iKiFit Program - and other partnerships - to provide subsidised training for students, teachers, health professionals and community members in healthy life skills, student leadership and accredited teacher training.

Powerful Futures aims to -
  • Help improve student engagement in the Learning process with modern content and teaching strategies.
  • Help improve elements of fitness, including motor skills, cardio vascular fitness, muscle composition, strength and flexibility in local and regional communities, schools and homes.
  • Help enhance teacher behavior management and student engagement skills via accredited training workshops.
  • Build on the existing iKiCrew student mentoring pathway. Already established in schools in the West and Far west of NSW, this activity has a powerful, positive impact on participants.
  • Engage teachers, students, parents and community members in the creation of material such as music and video to share online
  • Grow sustainable partnerships with other Organisations and Providers, including government, NGOs businesses and individuals.
  • Propagate language, activities and policies to help make schools Safe, Respectful, Learning Environments. Evaluation shows that this assists schools better engage and retain students, thus enhancing education outcomes, which in turn lead to better social, health and economic outcomes.
  • Improve utilisation of school resources such as Interactive White Boards (IWBs) and DART Connections, to enhance the capacity of regional and isolated communities to participate in educational, sporting and cultural activities.
  • And ultimately providing career pathways in teaching, and health and fitness instruction.